Designed in Australia

We have designed this garment for a better fit by sculpting the garment from the shoulder to the underarm just like an ordinary sleeveless garment so that the garment will sit better against the body.

Made in China

Our fabric is specially milled and printed for us and although the fabric does have some absorbency the garment is not intended to be highly absorbent but to be worn mainly for garment protection.

Fabric 100% Polyester
Backing Polyurethane Laminate
Prints Digital colour fast
Features Tear resistant
No shrinkage
Light weight
Zipper Strong resin

Style 1

Style 1 sizeĀ specifications


(cms) Small Medium Large
Length 55.5 57 58.5
Width 47 53.5 58.5
Neck 42.5 52 61.5

Style 2

Style 2 size specifications


(cms) Small Medium Large
Length 65.5 67 68.5
Width 47 53.5 58.5
Neck 42.5 52 61.5